Is your holiday accommodation special? Do you have that ‘hidden gem’ where people absolutely want to spend their holiday? Then please contact us. We are always looking for unique holiday spots that meet our standards.

Our community of Dutch travelers is growing every day. They know how to find their way to Spots & Spaces for the cream of the crop in holiday accommodations.

We promote on the basis of fixed (annual) rates for placing the accommodation on our social and our website with a direct link to your website. The contact with the guests and the bookings are made directly through the accommodation. This means that we do not ask for any commissions. Therefore, you therefore know exactly where you stand.

Because Spots & Spaces communicates in Dutch on the website – we are after all for the Dutch market – here is an example of a presentation page translated into English. This will give you an idea how we can make your accommodation shine.

Because we at Spots & Spaces also love doing fun things and like (qualitatively) beautiful things, we are also open to ‘destination branding’ of an activity or outing or branding of a brand for travel items for example. Please contact us to spar with us. We are open to many things

Are you interested? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Tel: +31 (0)6 261 66 222
Insta: @spotsandspaces


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